Grant Beller Q&A

Grant Beller Questions & Answers

What is BWWM?

BWWM is short for Black Woman, White Man romance.

Who is Grant Beller?

Grant Beller is the pen name for BWWM couple, Nicola and Jerry Beller, co-authors, soulmates, married for nearly three decades, parents of two grown interracial children.

What does Grant Beller write?

Grant Beller writes BWWM romantic suspense, thrillers.

Are all Grant Beller stories set in Jamaica?

Jamaica is usually the primary setting, and Washington DC is an important secondary setting, but some upcoming series shift to other locations for at least some books.

Are all Grant Beller books BWWM?

The leads are a black woman and white man, but diverse allies and opponents surround them.

Are Grant Beller stories also Romantic Suspense?

Romantic suspense is a recurring theme, although some series might lean towards political or psychological thrillers. There is also a crime element to most stories. Usually, reporters investigating some great mystery.

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