Mission Statement

Mission Statement/Who are We?

We are Jerry and Nicola Beller, an interracial couple since the eighties.  This website celebrates diversity and our BWWM relationship. We met in the eighties when white and black cultures forbid white men and black women to date in the mainstream and marrying was out of the question for most people in either race. To be together, we had to tolerate, fight, and defeat white and black bigots. Decades later, we still must.

Only a fool, however, walks away from their soulmate.

Thirty years later, we look back on raising our two children and building a lasting life together. Nicola and I are living proof a white man and a black woman can date in the mainstream, marry, and survive the test of time.

As we have represented multicultural couples in our marriage, we hope to entertain but also inspire hope in younger or older men and women contemplating or already crossing the racial and cultural divide. This is not a dating website but a place for diverse couples and people who burn genuine love for somebody outside your race or culture.

On this website, we will share information about our BWWM books, and publish our blog, BWWM World. We will honor every loving, genuine interracial couple.

As a whole, the way we knock down remaining barriers to diversity is to prove to the world we can love each other as much or more, will go the extra mile, set the example, survive and thrive, and prove THEM wrong.