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Welcome to Grant Beller Books. The dynamic writing duo Nicola Beller and Jerry Beller write romantic suspense under the pen name Grant Beller.

The Reporter & The American Series

Romantic Suspense - Search-the-missing-missionary-girl-grant-beller


Romantic Suspense - Love - The Reporter & The American - Grant Beller


Romantic Suspense - faith-trust-or-doubt-grant-beller

EARLY 2017

Jerry Beller moved to Jamaica to write his first book in 1988. A dedicated bachelor, he met Nicola Grant. Nicola and Jerry fell deeply in love and married in 1990 when he returned to the United States. Some 28 years of marriage and two grown children later, they embark on another exciting partnership. 

While the pen name Grant Beller is new, Jerry said, "Nicola and writing are my two greatest passions, other than our children, so Grant Beller is a win-win. Nicola has always written her stories and assisted me with my solo projects. I'm excited!"